The Next Level Solution™

Training Programs For Financial Advisors

Advisor Keynote Presentations

To deliver 1 hour presentations to financial advisors that will provide immediate actionable ideas for progress in their business and balance in their lives. The presentation series is called "Breakthrough Strategies" and there are four presentations as follows:

#1 The Simplification Solution
#2 The Differentiation Maximizer
#3 The Effective Communicatior
#4 The Progress Accelerator
Advisor Keynote Presentation Package

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Financial Advisor 1-On-1 Coaching

Private Financial Advisor 1-on-1 coaching with George MacAllister.

60 Day Program
8 Zoom Meetings
Assignments For Each Week
Zoom Sessions Recorded
Access for Q&A between weekly calls by text or email
1-On-1 Advisor Coaching
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1-On-1 Advisor Coaching Available

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