The Next Level Solution™

Training Programs For Wholesalers

The Next Level Solution™

For Advanced Wholesalers

Taking successful wholesalers to new heights by stimulating progress and cultivating excellence

Wholesaler Keynote Presentations

To deliver live wholesaler training and development intended to dramatically increase sales results. Focus is entirely on sales, communication skills, differentiation and the organizational practices of extraordinary wholesalers. The primary objective is to train wholesalers to deliver value that can not be had elsewhere ,so that they are in demand even in the absence of the hottest product on the street.

8 One Hour Presentations To Choose From:

The Differentiation Maximizer
Beyond Value Creation
The Simplification Process
3 Secrets To 3x Production
The Progress Accelerator
The Next Level Wholesaler Branding
Creating Exceptional Presentations
Delivering Exceptional Presentations
Wholesaler Keynote Presentation Package

Extraordinary Wholesaler Development Series

[LIVE Webinars for Wholesalers]

A series of 4 live webinars for development of Wholesalers consisting of collections of the best practices in wholesaling collected from the best Wholesalers in the country.

Communication Skills
Value Delivery
Habits and Strategies

*Each webinar will be preceded by a workbook for note taking on that session and be followed up with a 10 minute video summary of the key concepts.

*Possible drawing with attendance requirements at the end of each session for a 50 minutes coaching call with George.

Wholesaler LIVE Webinar Package

Wholesaler 1-On-1 Coaching

If you're a Wholesaler looking for private 1-on-1 coaching with George just click the link bellow to book a free 30 minute appointment.

60 Day Program
8 Zoom Meetings
Assignments For Each Week
Zoom Sessions Recorded
Access for Q&A between weekly calls by text or email
1-On-1 Wholesaler Coaching

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